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Myanmar Luxury Cruises

Join our Myanmar Luxury Cruises to travel on the mysterious rivers of Myanmar – the land of color, vibrancy, and culture in complete luxury and comfort. With our experience in river cruising and touring to offer a collection of luxury itineraries on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin River, we help you to experience the culture and heritage of Myanmar your way. Our elegant ships Sanctuary Ananda, RV Strand, Ananwrahta, and Irrawaddy Explorer, have been custom-built to negotiate the rivers of Burma, accommodating you in absolute luxury as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Choose your suitable cruise ship below for your best Myanmar river cruise.

sanctuary ananda cruise ship for myanmar luxury river cruises

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise

RV Strand Cruise ship for myanmar luxury river cruises

RV Strand Cruise

Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise - myanmar luxury cruises

Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise

Anawrahta River Cruise - best vessel for myanmar luxury river cruises

Anawrahta Cruise

Irrawaddy Explorer
Sanctuary Ananda
Irrawaddy Explorer
Sanctuary Ananda